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High Level of Effectiveness

A common question among business leaders today is ‘…what does it take for our business to operate at a high level of effectiveness? The answer to this question is contained within the book Good to Great by Jim Collins. He states ‘… first select people who are similar to the great people on the bus. Secondly, you won’t have to motivate them because the right people are self-motivated. And, third, if you have the wrong people on the buss, nothing else matter. You may be headed in the right direction, but you still won’t achieve. A great vision with mediocre people still produces mediocre results.”

Selection and Walk-On Players

Selecting high performing employees without a proven system is like trying to win a National Championship with walk-on players. It simply won’t happen. Yeah, but I bet it will cost a lot more money. Guess again. What is your turnover rate and how much are you spending for on-boarding employees? The national average is about 20 to 30 percent and the on-boarding is minimally $1000 to $3000 per employee. Plus all the quality service and sales lost during a poor performer’s tenure.

Be Better next year than you were this year!

M&A’s Business interview system is based upon the life themes of high performing employees. These themes embody the ability of individuals to form positive relationships with others, meet others’ needs, mobilize people, and reach out to others. Want to better next year than you were this year?

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