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Screening and Interview Process

Our work is in the fields of Education, HealthCare, FaithBased, and Business. Within each field there are 5 different interviews, two pre-employment and three post-employment interviews. Each interview is based upon research-based attributes/dimensions that identify high performing employees in that field.

The pre-employment and post-employment interviews:

1.0 Pre-Employment Interviews –

  • Online Screener – As a first step we offer an online screener as an initial screener. The employer will obtain a bar graph which displays both a total score and the applicant’s strengths/stretches in eleven high performance areas.
  • 1:1 Interview – The 1:1 research based structured interview provides insights into the candidates’ values and behaviors in 11 high performance areas. All candidates are asked the same questions, in the same order, with acceptable responses clearly defined.

2.0 Post-Employment Growth and Development –

  • Online Profile – The employee completes an online assessment and receives feedback in form of a bar graph depicting strengths and stretches in eleven high performance areas. The data are used to provide both employee and employer a look at employees’ strengths and stretches. (Also available in 360-format.)
  • 1:1 Interview – Employees respond to research-based interview questions in a 1:1 setting.
  • Self-Profile Plan – Using the information from the Online Profile and 1:1 interview, the employee will develop a professional development plan to be discussed with the employer. Progress on goals formulated in the Self-Profile Plan is reviewed on a yearly basis.

3.0 Training Sessions
Sessions for designated leaders to be trained to use screeners, interviews, and profiles. The sessions review the themes of high performing employees and how effective and reliable questions are derived for these themes. Participants review and code practice interviews to learn coding skills through interactions with their colleagues. At the end of the sessions, leaders are skilled to use the interview data in their hiring practices.

4.0 Interviews for Job Finalists –
used to collect additional data to aid in considering what candidates move forward from the list of candidate finalists.

5.0 Prof. Coaching –
professional coaching for leaders, managers & supervisors

6.0 Job Descriptions & Evaluations (D&E) –
These can be developed for all levels of employees Developed from the employees’ current D&E models or tailored from M&A Dimension of High Performing Employees.

7.0 Audit of Dept. Operations –
The target is to review and collect information on the current services, policies, procedures, culture, and day-to-day operations of the Human Resource/Payroll/Finance. The findings are summarized in a report and presented to organizational leaders.

8.0 Culture Assessment –
A process to assess the structural framework of themes which tend to channel employees’ actions and determine the outcome of situations.

9.0 Strategic Planning –
A conscious decision-making process by which an organization decides what enterprises to be involved in, what businesses to compete in, what constituencies to serve, what services to offer, and what style of delivery to utilize.

10.0 Studies/Research –
Does this stuff really work? See the data!*