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M & A’s Story

The most successful organizations in the world know the road to reaching the next level of greatness runs down the highway of ‘recruiting, hiring, and developing outstanding employees.’ Early on in my career I was fortunate to have the opportunity to review the performance of my recently-hired employees. Some of time I witnessed superstars and other times true disasters.

As I studied these employees and further gathered information about selection, the answer became apparent: some individuals had attitudes, behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and actions consistent with the mission of our organization, while others did not. Now why not identify those desired traits early and only hire those individuals with their ‘oars in the water and rowing in our directions?’

M&A is focused on working with educators, healthcare, faith-based, and business organizations to hire superstars through the use of research-based interviews. After growing up around Syracuse, New York and living in Iowa, Wyoming, Missouri and working in education as a superintendent, director of HR, and part time consultant, I retired and founded M&A.

For the last 9 years we have served clients and built Pre and Post assessment interview tools, Culture Surveys, and HR audit instruments.

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Tom Morgan - Owner Morgan Associates St Louis

Founder – Tom Morgan, Ph.D.


Selecting Teachers and Principals who are key to students having a successful and powerful school experience.


Selecting individuals who build positive relationships with patients and who are fulfilling their life’s purpose.

Faith Based

Selecting spirit-filled people who build positive relationships with others and who are fulfilling their Creator’s call for them to serve.


Selecting individuals who are focused on your vision of connecting customers, products, and services.