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Write me a couple of sentences about what is listed below

  1. Our problem is different.
  2. We tried that once before.
  3. We don’t have enough time.
  4. We don’t have enough help.
  5. Our system is too small for this.
  6. We’ve always done it this way.
  7. Our present method is time-tested and reliable.
  8. It’s impractical.
  9. It’s ahead of its time.
  10. It’s behind the times.

  1.  The school isn’t ready for it yet. 12. The school has had too much of this lately. 13. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. 14. Our young and progressive group doesn’t need it. 15. It will require a heavy investment. 16. It will never pay for itself. 17. If no investment is required. How do you expect it to work? 18. It’s too radical. 19. It’s almost the same as we’re doing now. 20. It looks good on paper, but it won’t work. 21. It violates professional standards. 22. It’s poor public relations. 23. The board won’t like it. 24. The advisory committee won’t like it. 25. It’s outside my scope of responsibility. 26. It conflicts with policy. 27. We don’t have the authority. 28. It will increase our overhead. 29. The present method is working-why rock the boat? 30. It’s a good idea, but… 31. It’s not in the budget. 32. It will cheapen the image. 33. It’s too complicated. 34. It’s too simple. 35. It doesn’t make sense. 36. Let’s make another study of it. 37. Let’s make a report. 38. Let’s sleep on it. 39. Let’s form a committee. 40. Let’s table it for the time being. 41. It will be too much trouble to make the change. 42. Sound judgment is against it. 43. It’s not our problem. 44. Let’s be realistic. 45. Perhaps we should first do more research. 46.They’ll laugh themselves to death if we try that. 47. I had the same idea years ago. 48. We’ve done all right without it. 49. Why not let another system try first and get the bugs out of it. 50. It’s impossible. 51. Experience will teach you that… 52. I don’t see anything wrong with the present method. 53. It’s a great idea for others, but we don’t need it here. 54. Sure, everything’s fine if it works, but what if it fails? 55. In my opinion, we are going along very well now, so I see no need for making changes. 56. People look at things differently. 57. What we are doing now is ahead of everyone else in the field. 58. We’re already doing that in a way. 59. It’s contrary to the teachings of God. 60. There are pros and cons.